23-Jun-2022 · Wing Au Yeung

Backstage Expense module enables you to record expense claimed by staffs, prepare the related payroll, and also make use of these result in Expense modules. The key records in this module are:

  • Expense Type: define the nature of different expense
  • Benefit Entitlement: for expense is a benefit which you want to maintain the balance, Benefit Entitlement allows you to define the entitlement policy
  • Expense Claim:  record the claim details of the staff
  • Expense Payment:  represent the payment of the expense claim that grouped together and would be issued in same autopay instruction file
graph TD A[Expense Type] --> C[Expense Claim] B[Benefit Entitlement] --> C[Expense Claim] C --> D[Expense Payment]

Defining Expense Type and Benefit Entitlement

Backstage has to know what are the different expense types available in your company. Usually this can be known from your present expense claim form and look at the different claim item category.

Your company may entitle some benefit to staff according to your company policy. You need to create the Benefit Entitlement and assign to staff in the staff Placement profile. 

Defining the Cost Centre

Backstages has to know the cost allocation of the expense amount belongs to. Otherwise, the staff or you cannot create the Expense Claim.

Managing Expense Claims Application and Updating Expense Approver

If Expense Claims Application is enabled in ESS Portal, staff will be submitting applications and have their approvers review them. Learn how to setup the expense approver in the staff Placement profile as well as what you can do when managing Expense Claim Application.

Recording the Expense Claim

Expense Claim is the records for managing and calculating the expense claim of the staff. Each Expense Claim represents the details of the expense claimed by staff. Back-end user is responsible for reviewing the approved claims and settle the payment.

Generating the Expense Payment batch

Once the expense is reviewed, you can generate Expense Payment batch and add the claims to the batch. Backstage will follow the amount you defined to complete the payment.