Appraisal Form Template

23-Jun-2022 · Wing Au Yeung

What is Appraisal Form Template?

Appraisal Form Template is the template form for staff. Staff with different job natures or grading may need to do different assessments and thus the form would have different sections.

You would build up the form template with different sections and define the time of the appraisee and appraiser need to review the section.

What can be defined in Appraisal Form Template?

Form Template Code: the shortcode of the template

Form Template Name: the full name of the template

Manager Score Formula: define how the manager score is calculated if you are not taking the average

Maximum Score: the overall score of the appraisal

Allow Non-immediate Appraiser(s) to Submit without Response: define whether you allow non-immediate appraiser, i.e. appraiser other than the first appraiser, can submit the appraisal without answering the question. In this case, for unanswered questions, the score from the closest appraiser will be used.

Remark: Any notes you for your reference


  • Show up at first stage: define whether this section need to be reviewed in the first stage
  • Show up at mid year: define whether this section need to be reviewed in the mid-year stage
  • Show up at year end: define whether this section need to be reviewed in the year end
  • Show up at sign off: define whether this section need to be reviewed in the sign off stage

**Whether the appraisal has mid-year and sign-off stage depends there is any sections need to be reviewed.

  • Only seen by managers: define whether this section can be reviewed by the appraisee, enable it if this section is only for the appraiser to review only
  • Hide Weighting: define whether the Weighting of this section can be viewed
  • Hide Rating: define whether all staff need to do the Rating(score comment by staff and manager) in this section
  • Hide measurement: for Objective section only, define whether all staff need to setup the measurement of the Objective
  • Is Objective Editable at Mid Year: for Objective section only, define if staff can edit Objective in mid-year stage
  • Number of layers: for Objective section only, define how many parts and how you want the staff setup their objective, e.g the key action. Layer 3 would be the first part.
  • Optional comment box for manager: define whether the appraiser can write their comment
  • Optional comment box for employee: define whether the appraisee can write their comment
  • Details(edit): for section with Question in the Section Template  only, define whether the question is active or not