Section Template

23-Jun-2022 · Wing Au Yeung

What is Section Template?

Section Template defines the nature and content of the section in the Appraisal. There are 3 types of baisc sections in the Appraisal:

  • Objective
  • Competency
  • General Questions

You would create a section with rating scale and questions details here. Then you can group different sections together and create the Appraisal form template.

What can be defined in Section Template?

Form Section Code: shortcode of the Section

Form Section Type: nature of the Section, Objective, Competency, General Questions

Weighting: define the calculation percentage of this section in the appraisal rating

Title: name of the Section

Description: details of this section for

Display in tabular?: the section display in table

Rating Scale:

  • Sequence Number: the order of the rating shown
  • Title: what does this value for
  • Description: details of the rating scale
  • Value: the scale of the rating


  • Sequence Number: the order of the questions shown
  • Question Type: define the nature of the questions, e.g multiple choice, essay.
  • Title: the questions you would like to ask
  • Answered by Employee: define whether appraisee need to answer the questions
  • Answered by Manager: define whether appraiser need to answer the questions
  • With Comment Box: define whether allow staff give comment 
  • Remark: any notes for your reference