Setting up for Appraisal Batch

08-Nov-2022 · Wing Au Yeung

How to Set up Appraisal Batch?

After finishing the fundamental setup, you can start creating the Appraisal Batch

  • Go to Appraisal -> Appraisal Batch -> Add New
  • Input the corresponding field
  • Choose the correct Appraisal Form Template
    • Once the Appraiser Batch is created, the template cannot be changed
  • Add Placement to the Batch
    • If you see "Competency Set is not defined" and you want to add that placement, please go to the staff Placement profile and assign the Compentnecy Set to the staff
    • Details you can see Assigning Competency Set to Employees

What's Next?

  • Staff can start to do the Appraisal in ESS