Approve the Personal Information updates from ESS

23-Jun-2022 ยท Wing Au Yeung

Why update the personal information?

Sometimes, staff personal information, e.g address, contact number, certificate and etc may change, and staff need to update this information.

Other than updating the information directly by the admin-user in the Admin Portal, staff are allowed to update their personal information in ESS. But approval from the Admin Portal user is needed if staff want to update their personal information.

Steps to Approve the Personal Information updates from ESS

  • Then Admin Portal user can login Backstage->Staff->Applicant Update Request_____2020-11-09_10.13.37.png

  • You can also click on the "date" in the Dashboard. It would direct you to the approval page.

  • Staff would receive the email noticification no matter the request is approved or rejected