Setup the Relationship/Supervisors for Employees

14-Jul-2022 · Cath Fung

What is Supervisor?

Supervisors are able to perform different administrative rights in ESS(employee self-service) based on their roles. You need to set up the Supervisor in the employees' Placement so that the right can be performed.

Supervisor Type Description
Leave Approver Approving Leave, Timesheet and Activity
Assistant Help submit leave applications on behalf of you in ESS
Roster Manager Assigning shifts to the Roster
Expense Approver Reviewing Expense Claims
Expense Assistant Help submit Expense Claim on behalf of you in ESS
Appraiser Reviewing appraisals
Training Approver Approving training application
Supervisor View Group Calendar, Team Roster and Timesheet only

How to Setup the Relationship/Supervisors for Employees?

1. Manually By System

  • Go to Staff --> Placement --> Open the Placement --> Relationship --> Add New

  • Approval sequence is the approval order for the application, e.g: 1 for the first approver, 2 for the second approver and so on......

    • If there is only one approver for this placement, set 1 at the approval sequence for one approver
    • If there are two approvers  for this placement, and the application can be approved by either of them, set 1 at the approval sequence for both approvers 
    • If there are two approvers for this placement, and the application needs to be approved by two approvers with fixed order, set 1 at the approval sequence for the first approver, and 2 for the second approver.

2. Through Importing

  • Go to Staff -> Placement -> Export 
  • Open the file -> Go to the sheet "Supervisor" -> Follow the format and fill in the information 
    • Delete other excel sheets if you do not update other information
    • Columns "AssociateName" and "SupervisorName" can be deleted
      • The supervisor can be bulk deleted through importing by putting "Y" in the column "Delete"
  • Import the file by going to Placement

What's Next?

🎊 Staff can log in to ESS to submit/approve the application or assign shift ! 🎊