Attendance Raw Data

23-Jun-2022 · Wing Au Yeung

What is Attendance Raw Data?

Attendance Raw Data is the staff primary attendance data that has not been processed for use in Timesheet. They may come from

  • your Attendance System directly(e.g. finger tech system)
  • the File you import to the system
  • staff Punching in ESS
  • Back-end users create manually

All the raw data would be stored in the system no matter it can be shown in Timesheet or not. If you cannot find the attendance records in the Timesheet, you can check if

  • the system has the Raw Data, or
  • you have set the correct time range in Shift

Details can take a look at the following page: Cannot see attendance in Timesheet

You can also go to Analytic-> Attendance -> Attendance Raw Data Report to generate the excel file to check the records.