22-Jul-2022 · Wing Au Yeung

What is Timesheet?

Timesheet records the attendance records of the staff. You can see the staff working shift, in/out time and is on leave or not in their Timesheet. OT, Late or Early Out would be calculated automatically in the Timesheet according to staff attendance records.

Attached is the file you can upload the attendance data and remark to the system.

How to create Timesheet?

Timesheet normally would be created automatically when the system has the staff attendance records.

But you can also create the Timesheet manually by clicking the "+" of that month. You can define the Status of the Timesheet.

What can be defined in Timesheet?

Field Description
StatusDefine the status of the timesheet. It is used for staff need to submit their timesheet for approval
  • Preparing: Staff can edit Timesheet and waiting staff submit the Timesheet for approval
  • Pending: Timesheet is submitted and is waiting for Approver to approve
  • Approved: Timesheet is reviewed and approved by the approver and no further changes can be made
DateClick into the date and you can see the staff attendance record by Date
ShiftDefine the working schedules of staff. The system would take it from the staff Roster. But you can update it here without affecting the original schedule in the Roster
  • If you want the shift in Roster update simultaneously with Timesheet, please go to staff Roster ->enable "Publish changes to timesheet?"
Time(In/Out/Lunch In/Lunch Out)Check the attendance records, You can also input any missing records manually
RemarkAny notes for your reference

What's Next?

  • Check the attendance records