[ON_ROSTER] - On Roster

23-Aug-2022 · Felix Fung

What is this?

A Yes/No question variable.

Check whether the Placement is on a certain Roster.

What will the Value be Returned?

Y - if the placement is configured to a specified Roster within the Pay Period.

N - if the placement does not belong to the specified Roster.


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1. Basic Form

Check single Roster.

If the condition is correct, return the 1st value. Otherwise, returns the 2nd value.

Payroll Variable Description Usage
[ON_ROSTER(Roster Code)] Check whether the Placement is assigned to a certain Roster Only Staff on Roster "R12" would have 1,000 allowance
IIF ('[ON_ROSTER(R12)]'='Y',1000,0)

Staff on Roster "Office" would use Average Daily Wages as pay rate, others would use 1,000 as pay rate.
IIF ('[ON_ROSTER(Office)]'='N',1000,[ADW])

2. Parameters/Variations

Parameters/Variations Description Usage
| Check Multiple Roster [ON_ROSTER(Office|R12|R13)]