Bank Account

28-Jul-2022 · Wing Au Yeung

What is Bank Account?

Bank Account defines the company bank account used for autopay of the staff payroll. You can have more than 1 bank account in the system. Please go to Master Data -> Bank Account to add the bank account.

What can be defined in Bank Account?

Field Description
BankDefine the Bank Code of the account
CurrencyDefine the Currency of the bank account
Bank Account NameName of the bank account (normally should be the company name)
Bank Account NumberBank Account Number without bank code
Autopay Template NameDefine the Autopay Template file. Details can take a look at Autopay Template
Reference Number 1/2/3/4/5/6Payment code or any other information required by the bank
RemarkAny notes for your reference, e.g
  • Add Company Short Code to identify different bank accounts, or
  • Add. Special remark for generating the file with a new file reference number every time

What's Next?

  • Try to generate the Autopay file and test submit the file to the bank system