Publish Notice to ESS Message Board

14-Oct-2022 · Cath Fung
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How to Publish Notice to ESS Message Board?

You can announce a new message/notice to staff in ESS Message Board

  • Go to Dashboard -> Message -> Add New
  • Fill in the following information -> Save
  1. Message Info:
    • Subject: Title of the Message
    • Content: Details of the Message
    • Highlight this message?: define if the message would be labeled in the Message Board
      • If enabled, the message would be highlighted as New and shown on the top
  2. Categories: define the message categories. You can go to Dashboard -> Message Category to set up the category for selection
  3. For Organizations: define who can read the message. It can be by Organization or by Department. Only the selected Organization or Department can be viewed the message
  4. Attachment: upload any file(s) or document(s) if needed