Doing Payroll

07-Sep-2022 · Wing Au Yeung

How to Handle Payroll?


  1. Create Payroll Batch
  2. Check and Update the Payroll
  3. Generate Autopay and MPF file

1. Create Payroll Batch

  • Go to Payroll -> Payroll Batch -> Add New
  • Fill in the necessary information
    • "Start Date" and "End Start" determine the pay period of the batch. Normally should be the 1st day and last day of the month, no matter the staff is new join or terminated
    • "Pay Date" is the Autopay date
  • Save
  • Add Placement
    • Select those Placements you wanted to add
  • Add Selected

2. Check and Update the Payroll

Backstage would calculate the Payroll amount according to the Payroll formula set.

  • Open the Payroll Batch you want to check
  • Click on the Placement
  • Click on the amount you want to change
  • Update the amount -> Update
  • Save
  • Click "Back" to go back to the Payroll Batch summary page, or Click "Next"/"Previous" to go to another Placement payroll

3. Generate Autopay and MPF file

Autopay File

  • Open the Payroll Batch -> More -> Generate Autopay file
  • Choose the Correct Bank Account
  • Input the reference number if needed
  • Generate
    • you can generate all of the payroll batches with the same Pay Date if needed
  • For checking the autopay file, you can open the Payroll Batch -> More -> Print Autopay Transfer Report

MPF File

  • Go to Payroll -> Generate MPF file
  • Select the correct Organization, Submission Date and MPF Trustee
  • Generate

Congratulations! You have finished doing the payroll.