User Group

23-Jun-2022 ·

What is User Group?

User Group determines what function this user can access and what records this user can see for the group of staff(defined through Entity Group).

"ADMIN" is a special User Group and by default, all Users under this User Group have permission to all functions and can see all staff in the system.

What can be defined in User Group?

Group Code A shortcode to represent the User Group
Group Name Full name to identify this User Group
Function Permission Define what the User can do for each function. The typical actions are:
  • View
  • Add
  • Edit
  • Delete

Some functions have further actions defined, e.g Post

Entity Group Permission Define the Entity Group the User can see, i.e who can be seen by the User for doing the functions enabled

What's Next?

  • Set up the User and specify what User Group each of these can access