Create a new Admin User

10-May-2023 · Felix Fung

Why create a new Admin User?

You have a new teammate joining the company and s/he is allow to access all the function to the system. You need to create a new account with full right permission, i.e can access all of the function for all staff in the system.

Steps to create Admin new User

1. Create the new User

  • Go to System Menu -->User
  • Add New and input the information need to create the new User
  • Save

2. Assign the Admin User Group to the new User

  • Select the User Group which define the access right of the User
  • Save

What's Next?

  • Log in with the new account to Check the setting
  • Pass the User ID and Password to your (new) teammate
  • Ask your teammate to change the password after logging in to the system