Attendance Application

02-May-2023 · Felix Fung

What is Attendance Application?

Attendance Application is request to update timesheet record by staff in Employee Portal. When staff found abnormal cases in timesheet and he has a reason to correct this, he can submit an Attendance Application. Once approved, the timesheet record will be updated and the abnormal case will be gone.

Abnormal Case What will happen once approved
Late In Change In Time to standard in time
Early Out Change Out Time to standard out time
Overtime Entitle for Compensation Leave or approve for overtimepay
Miss Punch/Absent Update the missing time to standard time

What is the difference between Attendance Application and Leave Entry?

When both Attendance Application and Leave Entry will impact Timesheet calculation, they are best used in different cases:

Comparing Attendance Application Leave Entry
Used when... To fix an abnormal Timesheet record, usually in the past. To notify change of working hour, usually in the future.
Effects Update attendance time in Timesheet directly. Create a Leave Entry record. Standard working hours is modified.
Example, on a work day from 09:00 to 18:00, a staff has out time at 16:00, and thus early out of 2 hours Actual Out Time is updated to 18:00, removing the early out hours. With presence of the leave entry, Standard working hours is updated to 09:00 to 16:00. Also removing the early out hours.
Link with Leave Type? No. Change is limited to Timesheet. Yes. Will result in change of leave balance.
Visibility in Employee Portal Same as Timesheet and limited to staff himself and approvers Apart from staff and approvers, leave records are also available in Group Calendar