19-May-2023 · Wing Au Yeung

What is Contract?

Contract is the agreement between the Client and Employer. Some may call it Term & Condition(T&C). After creating the Organization, you need to create the Contract to record the store contract information.

The contract requires approval by the Employer admin. After approval, the status of the Organization status would be changed from "Inactive" to "Active" and the Organization would have a valid Organization Code.

What can be defined in Contract?

Field Description
ClientCompany of which the staff is working at
Contract DateDate the Contrat Sign
Contract NumberPlease leave it blank as the number would be generated automatically
OwnerThe person who is responsible for the Client. Should be the one who create the contract.
DescriptionDetails of the contract
Start DateStart Date of the Contract Effective Date
End DateContract End Date
  • Please enable Will not expire if the contract is evergreen
Service TypeType of Service provided
Opening HeadcountThe initial Number of employees of the Client when the contract sign
Payment TermThe payment period of time that your client has to pay the total amount after the invoice date
  • You can add the Payment Term by going to Master Data -> Payment Term -> Add New
AttachmentsPlease Upload the document of the Signed Contract

What's Next?

  • After Approval, go to Associate -> Job Order -> Add New to create the Job Order
  • You can create the Applicant first while waiting for approval