[ADW] - Average Daily Wages

30-Jan-2023 · Felix Fung
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What is this?

"ADW" stands for "Average Daily Wages". This payroll variable returns Average Daily Wages calculated by Backstage.

What will the Value be Returned?

Returns Average Daily Wages calculated based on previous payrolls and setting in Job Order Template. By default, the ADW of current month is returned.

You can check the calculation by opening the staff Payroll -> More -> Print Average Daily Wages Schedules or Analytic -> Payroll -> Average Daily Wages Schedules


Payroll Variable Description
[ADW] Basic Form To comply with Labour Ordinance, instead of using typical daily rate, you will be using ADW as daily rate.
[ADW(LARGER)] When staff has an increase in salary, the current daily rate is usually higher than the average daily wages. You may want to pay the higher rate to the staff. In this case you can use the variation, of which Backstage will compare the current daily rate
[ADW(M-1)] Take the previous month ADW amount
[ADW(FROM_PREVIOUS_MONTHS)] Take the leave start date ADW amount