Holiday Group

23-Jun-2022 · Felix Fung

What is Holiday Group?

Holiday Group defines the holiday schedule for used by Roster. When a work day meet a holiday, the day will be regarded as a holiday and treated differently in attendance or leave, e.g when "Is holiday counted as taken" is disabled for a specific leave type, the days would not count as taken.

You will be defining different Holiday Groups for different countries or regions as needed. For example, there are two sets of Holiday in Hong Kong: the Public (Bank) Holiday and the Statutory Holiday. This is represented by two holiday groups and staff on different rosters will be assigned to one according to your company policy.

What can be defined in Holiday Group?

Holiday Group Code Short code to represent a Holiday Group
Holiday Group Name Full name of the Holiday Group
Remarks Any notes for your reference
Holiday Each Holiday Group can contain multiple Holidays. Add New to input the Holiday
  • Date: Date of the holiday
  • Description: Description of the holiday

What's Next?

  • Set up Roster and assign Holiday Group accordingly
  • Learn about how Holidays affect Timesheet and Leave Entries
  • For Staffs with rotating roster, learn about how to create a special Leave Entitlement that counts the number of holidays according to the Holiday Group set, and always treat holiday as work day.