Payroll Batch

01-Aug-2022 · Felix Fung

What is Payroll Batch?

Payroll Batch is a record representing the salary payment of staff. You would add the staff to the payroll batch and the system would calculate staff salary according to the formula set in Job Order Template.

You can adjust the amount by clicking on the individual payroll or through importing

Go to Payroll -> Payroll to create the Payroll Batch. In the Payroll Batch, go to More and you can generate the report you want.

What can be defined in Payroll Batch?

Before the Payroll Batch is created

Field Description
Employer Cannot change after the batch is createdDefine the Organization you would like to do the payment
Currency Cannot change after the batch is createdDefine the Currency you would like to pay. Normally it would be auto-filled after you choose the Employer
Start Date/End Date Cannot change after the batch is createdDefine the pay period of the batch. Normally should be the 1st day and last day of the month
Pay DateDefine the date you would do the payment, especially for the autopay date
MPF Contribution DateDefine the date that processes MPF. Normally would be auto-generated after you define the Start Date and End Date
Is Zero Amount?Define whether the system would calculate the payroll amount according to the formula set.
Enable: Backstage will ignore all payroll formula and give you a zero payroll batch. Good for off-cycle ad-hoc payment, e.g. Double pay and Bonus payment.
Show annual total amount in payslip? Define whether the payslip would show the total pay amount since the date you define for reference. Good during the tax season.
Annual total amount SinceAdvance setting from "Show annual total amount in payslip?". Define from "when" the payslip to show the annual total amount
RemarkAny notes for your reference. Some of the payroll formulae e.g Double Pay would be effective by checking the remark.

After the Payroll Batch is created

  • Expect the above information, you can define or see the following after the batch is created
Add Placement Add the staff you would like to do the payment
Import Upload the file to import the payroll amount. Details can take a look: Import Payroll Amount
Post/Unpost Define the status of the batch. Post the batch when you finished and the data would be locked
More Print/Email the payslip and generate the payroll-related reported, e.g Autopay file, import template
Status Show the status of the payroll batch, Preparing or Approved
Update All Cost Allocations Recalcuate all the staff Cost Allocations again according to the cost centre set in the staff Placement profile
Recalculate/Recalculate All Generate the staff payroll again according to the updated formula and payroll-related setting

What's Next?

  • Check the Payroll Amount
    • Some of the file formats are not easy to check, you can go to Payroll -> Open the Payroll Batch -> Print Autopay Transfer Report
  • Generate Autopay file and MPF file to submit to the Bank and MPF Trustee