Job Order

18-May-2023 · Felix Fung

What is Job Order?

Job Order contains general information of the contract between staff and the company. After creating the new Organization, you need to go to Staff->Job Order to create a new Job Order to store the new Organization employment records.

Job Order defines the Employer company, the Client company, and how salary is calculated.

What can be defined in Job Order?

Only the below information needs to be defined and the remaining setting can be ignored.

Job Order Number The short code of the Job Order, usually same with the short code of the Organization
Client Company of which the staff is working at
Employer Company who legally employ the staff
Position The type of employees under this Job Order, e.g Sales staff, Office staff. Just input "Staff" if it is for all of the employee of the company
Job Order Template How the Salary of the staff calculated
Currency the Currency of the Salary paid

Consider the following use cases:

  • For typical use, you will be creating a Job Order for your Company, i.e Client = Employer. This Job Order will hold all your staffs.

  • For HR Agencies, you will be creating Job Order for each of your client. Depends on the employment arrangement, either your company or your client can be the Employer company, i.e Client ≠ Employer.

  • If different types of employees would have different salary calculations, please create different Job Order with different Job Order Template

  • If If different types of employees would pay with different currency(some pay HKD, some pay USD), please create different Job Order with different Currency

What's Next?

  • Create the Applicant and Placement to staff