Handle if the staff may not rest on Holiday

23-Jun-2022 · Wing Au Yeung

Why staff may not rest on Holiday?

If the staff is working on shift, they may need to work on Public Holiday/Statutory Holiday and would take rest on another working day.

You can ignore it if you do not record the staff attendance in Backstage. Otherwise, it may affect the staff attendance record and leave taken as the system would take all Holidays as rest days and counting OT, or making staff cannot take leave, e.g for AL, Holidays is not counted as taken.

For these cases, you need to "change" Holiday to normal working days.

How to handle if the staff is working on shift which may not rest on Holiday?

1. Maintain Balance

  • Go to Attendance -> Leave Type -> Create new Leave Type for SH/PH
  • Go to Attendance -> Leave Entitlement-> Create Leave Entitlement for SH/PH
  • Assign the SH/PH leave entitlement to staff in the staff placement profile

2. Not Maintain balance

  • Go to Attendance -> Roster -> Change the Holiday Group to "No Holiday"_____2022-02-10_18.54.55.png

What's Next?

  • Check if the Holidays change to normal working days
  • Check Timesheet Attendance record
  • Check Leave Entry duration calculation