Setup New Attendance Device

17-Jun-2024 · Wing Au Yeung

How to Setup New Attendance Device?

1. Set the internal IP Address and Gateway to the device

  • Connect the device to the WiFi router
  • Go to the device, Menu --> Comm. --> Ethernet
  • Turn on DHCP, and if you can see the IP address and Gateway are NOT, that means your network is working.
  • Mark down the Gateway and turn OFF DHCP
  • Enter the Gateway
  • Enter the IP Address, for which the first 3 set numbers are the same as the Gateway. E.g. Gateway is, then you can set the IP Address as

2. Test the internal connection of the device

  • Connect your laptop to the WiFi network
  • In your Windows, search "cmd" and open the Command Prompt.
  • In the Command Prompt, type "ping " and Enter
  • If the device is connected to the network successfully, you will find the following successful message.

3. Set Port Forwarding in the WiFi router

  • Type the Gateway in your browser, and usually it will bring you to the router login page. Below is just the example, different brand will have different login page, but the concept is the same.
  • Once you log-in, find Port Forwarding. Usually it is under Advance settings
  • Then create a new Port Forwarding rule, and enter the info like this.
    • Both External and Internal Port are 4370.
    • Protocol is Both. If there is no option "Both", the create 2 rules, one choose TCP and the other choose UDP.
    • IP Address is the one you set for the Device
    • Make sure you have enabled the rule.
  • Then restart the attendance device.

4. Check the External IP Address

  • Google "My IP Address" and you will get the external IP

5. Add the device to Ingress

  • Open Ingress and go to Device tab
  • Add Device and enter necessary information
    • IP Address refers to the External IP Address
    • Remember to select Quick Connect

🎊 If everything goes right, you should add the device successfully! 🎊