Check Leave Balance

21-Oct-2022 · Wing Au Yeung

What is Leave Balance?

Leave Balance is a record representing the calculation of the number of days of leave. Some of the leave types need to maintain balance and staff is not allowed to take leave if they do not have enough balance.

After you have assigned the Leave Entitlement to the Placement, the system would calculate the leave balance automatically according to the service year of staff.

How does the system calculate Leave Balance?

  • Balance = B/F + Entitled - Taken - Approved + Adjusted + Forfeited
  • Actual = B/F + (Entitled Days As of "today"*) - Taken + Adjusted + Forfeited

As of "today" = the Date you check the leave balance

You may find the below leave balance is "wrong" and cannot find "Forfeited".

  • 13 + 8 - 1.5 - 4.5 = 15 days but not 3.5 days

Forfeited = Leave days auto-forfeited after a defined time if the staff does not take the leave, would only show in the report or when you check the leave balance details if you have set the policy in the system

Important components affecting the calculation of Leave Balance

1. As of Date

"As of Date" would significantly affect the Leave Balance calculation, especially the Actual Balance. When changing the "As of Date", the leave balance may be changed as leave records would only be counted on or before the leave date.

You can define the "As of Date" when checking the leave balance.

  • Taken, Adjusted, and Forfeited, only Leave Date on or before "As of Date" would be counted
    • E.g same as the above case, when "As of Date" = 30 Jan 2022, according to the leave date,
      • only 0.5 days AL is taken
      • AL take after the "As of Date" would be counted as Approved.
      • Leave Adjustment after 30 Jan 2022 would not be counted.
      • 11.5 days To be forfeited, means 11.5 days AL would be forfeited on 31 Mar 2022 if the staff does not take 11.5 days AL on or before 31 Mar 2022

2. Forfeited & To be Forfeited

  • Forfeited = B/F - Taken - Maximum days can be B/F(if any)
  • Set in the Leave Entitlement, you can define in maximum, how many days can be brought forward to the next period and the time the staff can take all of the remaining leave before it is forfeited
  • Would only be shown in the Leave Balance Report or when you check the leave balance details
To be Forfeited
  • "To be Forfeited" means the number of days would be forfeited on the date shown if the staff did not take the leave before the date shown.
  • Before the forfeiture date, the days would be shown in "To be Forfeited"
  • System would indicate the actual leave days would be forfeited
  • E.g same as the above case, when "As of Date" = 31 Dec 2022

Why Check Leave Balance?

If the leave type is maintained balance, you need to make sure the staff leave balance is correct starting from using Backstage. You also need to check the staff leave balance before any leave policy change, when calculating payroll for payment, year-end review, or for any reasons.

How to Check Leave Balance?

1. Manually - Check One by One

For checking the individual leave balance details and changing the "As of Date":

  • Go to Placement -> Leave
  • Click into the Leave Type

2. Exporting - Check in Batch

  • Go to Analytic -> Leave -> Leave Balance report
    • Filter the Employer Code, Department Code, Placement Type Code, and Leave Type Code if needed
  • Generate the file

What's Next?