Handle staff cannot see on the Active Applicant/Placement page

23-Jun-2022 · Felix Fung

Why cannot the staff see on the Active Applicant/Placement page?

After you have created the Applicant or Placement, or update the Start Date and End Date of the Placement, you cannot find the Applicant/Placement. This is because

  • The Applicant profile with no Placement profile.
    • Any "Applicant" without Placement or with terminated placement in the system would be shown on Inactive list
    • Any "Placement" with End Date after "today" would be shown on Terminated list
  • The staff is coming to work in the company, i.e the staff join in the coming days/week/month,
    • Any "Applicant" and "Placement" with Start Date after "today" would be shown on the Upcoming list

How can see the staff on the Applicant/Placement page?

1. Without Placement

  • Create the Placement for the staff
    • Placement with Start Date before "Today": Active
    • Placement with Start Date after "Today": Upcoming

2. With Placement

  • Change Applicant/Placement list from Active to All / Inactive / Upcoming / Terminated