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HR Management System

Backatage is your foundation towards better HR management. Manage your employee profile, leave balance, timesheet, payroll, taxation, all in one.

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Appraisal & Performance Review

Plan, run, monitor your appraisal (say goodbye to paper form) Gain actionable analytics.

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Get Better at Human Resources

Learn about HR policies in the region, latest trend in HR and best practices

HR Guide

Hong Kong HR Guide

Employment Contract, Tax Filing IR56B, , etc

Macau HR Guide

解除勞動關係, 廢止、失效或單方終止勞動關係, Labour Contracts, etc

Appraisal / Performance Review

Management by Objectives (MBO), What is it?, Fair Performance Review/Appraisal, etc

Latest Blogs

Excel Timesheet

Learn how to use Excel to build timesheet that encourage colleagues to fill in

Excel DataBase - Reporting Lines

Learn how to use function of "vlookup" and "match". Use Excel to sort out who are the supervisors and who are the sub-orindates.

How to Work Out HR Budget for Next Year?

We can rely on new business plan of coming year, together with the unit cost of each product or service, to calculate the required HR expense of the coming year.