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HR Management System

As an all-in-one HR system (HRMS), Backstage helps you manage employee profile, payroll, MPF, tax filing, leave scheduling, timesheet, roster management and expense management. Backstage also supports download and upload of data, and also data analytics. Learn more about Backstage to strive for better HR management.

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Appraisal & Performance Review

Performance management is a dynamic and ongoing process. Our Appraisal Function allows you to systematically define sets of competency, establish employees’ objectives, define rating scales and run regular monitoring and review. It gives you insights to make judgement on staff allocation, promotion and compensation adjustment.

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Get Better at Human Resources

Learn about HR policies in the region, latest trend in HR and best practices

HR Guide

Hong Kong HR Guide

Conduct Annual Appraisal/Performance Review, MPF Contribution, Continuous Contract of Employment, etc

Macau HR Guide

news, 社會保障基金, Appraisal and Performance Review, etc

Appraisal / Performance Review

How Supervisors Provide Feedback and Sample Comments, Competency-based Performance Management, Behaviourally Anchored Rating Scale, BARS, etc


Giving Negative Feedback & Suggestion for Improvement

An Indispensible Step in Performance Review Pay attention to timeliness of comment and focus on subordinate's need. Last but not least, let your subordinates know how fair you are treating everyone.

How to Work Out HR Budget for Next Year?

Normally we will rely on current-year actual amount (with decent increment) or add together requests from each departments. On the other hand, we can also rely on new business plan of coming year to calculate the required HR expense in an objective manner.

Excel Timesheet

Learn how to use Excel to build timesheet that encourage colleagues to fill in