Tired of manual spreadsheet and paper shuffle? With Carbonik E-Appraisal, no more painful administrative burden! It's never been easier to transform your appraisal cycle to a collaborative and automated process. It's innovative capabilities help you build a high performance culture where employees are motivated, aligned and deliver result.

Develop Meaningful Objectives

With the right tools, setting meaningful goals becomes easy. You can effectively tie individual goals to priorities of their team and overall company strategy, raising both employee and company performance.

  • Enable managers and employess to set and track the progress of goals
  • Align company, team, and employee level goals
  • Weigh and measure goals in appraisals

Accurate Track Competencies

Every company needs certain competencies and skills in its employees. Carbonik E-Appraisal helps you identify competency and skill gaps across the company for your replacement and succession planning.

  • Create a company-specific list of competencies for career development
  • Relate competencies to specific job titles or positions for easy employee viewing.
  • Automatically include competencies in appraisal templates

Reports & Analytics

Data without analysis and interpretation could be useless. Carbonik E-Appraisal provides comprehensive reports to summarize the results of appraisals for your salary review and talent planning.

  • Track the real-time progress of each appraisal batch as well as each individual
  • Summarize the score from each section and indicate the variance from average result.
  • Highlight the scoring gap between rating given by the associate and the manager