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We make HR software for entrepreneurs and HR leaders.

Who are Carbonik?

Carbonik is a software company founded by Felix and George, then Hong-Kong University graduates, in 2006. Long time schoolmate Ivan joined the team in 2008 after George’s departure. We now also have C.H. overseeing the users’ experience with our system.

What we do?

Carbonik began with developing customized software ranging from discussion forum for students, payment system for cruise company, to trading system for hedge fund.

But our interest has been attracted by People. We started carrying out HR projects since 2007, and met HR leaders from different industries who are passionate about optimizing company’s resources and, at the same time, bringing a better world to their colleagues.

Why “Carbonik”?

Carbon forms strong bonds with other atoms. We develop strong bonding with our clients and partners.

Carbon forms a great variety of chemical products. We believe in a multidisciplinary-approach to tackle problems.

Carbon is the constituent of Diamond. We do things as valuable as.



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