Activity Type

16-Dec-2022 · Wing Au Yeung

What is Activity Type?

Activity Type differentiates the nature of Activity taken by staff. Activity Type varies in how these Activities are displayed to staff.

What can be defined in Activity Type?

Field Description
Activity Type CodeShort code to represent a Activity Type
Activity Type Name Full Name of the Activity
Grouping Code Define the displayed name of the Activity Type shown in ESS Group Calendar if you do not want the "Actual" Activity Type Name show in ESS Group Calendar for privacy reason. Activity Type with the same nickname will be grouped together
Is visible in ESS?Define whether the Activity Type can be shown in ESS
Is visible in application?Define whether this activity type is available for Activity application in ESS. If you want to limit some activity to be entered by Admin and thus disable this option
Is visible in ESS calendar?Define whether this Activity type is visible in ESS Group Calendar. You may want to hide some Activity types in ESS Group Calendar for privacy reasons
No approval required?Define whether approval is needed when staff apply this Activity Type
RemarkAny notes for your reference

What's Next?

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