[PD] - Period Days

26-Aug-2022 · Felix Fung

What is this?

"PD" stands for "Period Days". This payroll variable returns the number of days in the Pay Period.

What will the Value be Returned?

Returns the number of days in the payroll Pay Period. Pay Period means the date range of the Payroll Batch, normally would be the 1st day to the last day of the month.


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1. Basic Form

Payroll Variable Description Usage
[PD] Take the number of days within the Pay Period Usually as a component to calculate the unit rate, e.g Daily Rate of the Basic Salary(Monthly Salary $15,000 in Jun)
[PR]*/[PD] *[PR] for amount set in the Placement profile
= 15000/30 = 500 show as unit rate in Payroll

2. Parameters/Variations

Parameters/Variations Description Usage
M-1 Take the number of days in the Previous Month [PR(M-1)]

Number: 0-6
0=Sun, 1=Mon, 2=Tue, 3=Wed, 4=Thur, 5=Fri, 6=Sat
Take the number of days of the Week within the Pay Period Take the number of Sundays within the Pay Period

"|" to count more than one days of the Week, e.g Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
WEEKDAY Take the number of Weekdays within the Pay Period [PR(WEEKDAY)]