Pay Type

02-Aug-2022 ·

What is Pay Type?

Pay Type differentiate nature of remuneration paid to staffs.

Please go to Payroll -> Pay Type to create the Pay Type needed.

What can be defined in Pay Type?

Field Description
Pay Type CodeShort code to represent a Pay Type
Pay Type NameFull name of the Pay Type
Grouping CodeDefine how the Pay Type is grouped. Pay Types can be grouped together in certain reports if they have the same Grouping Code. If Grouping Code is blank, then the original Pay Type Code will be used.
Sequence NumberDefine the sequence of how the Pay Types to be displayed. It is suggested to create the sequence in larger intervals such as 100, 200... then you will be able to insert the new pay type in between later
Has Unit RateDefine whether this pay type is calculated and presented in the form of "Unit rate x Number of Unit"
Enabled: Define a formula for both "unit rate" and "number of unit", e.g No Pay Leave would be calculated by "Daily rate x Number of no pay leave taken"
Disable: Define the formula for the pay amount only, e.g "Commission" would calculated in lump sum.
Is CashDefine whether this pay type will directly impact the net amount received by the staff. Most pay types are cash, but some are not.
  • E.g the MPF Contribution by Employer is something not affecting the amount received
Is Gross SalaryDefine whether this pay type is part of the "Gross Salary". This option affects the following:
  • Gross Salary and Non-Gross Salary are separately grouped in Payroll and in Payslip
  • Non-Gross Salary is calculated when any Gross Salary is changed, e.g MPF contribution is a non-gross salary because its amount depends on the gross salary
Is HiddenDefine whether this pay type is hidden in staff-facing documents, e.g. Payslip, i.e can only be viewed by back-end user
RemarksAny notes for your reference

What's Next?

  • Complete your list of Pay Type
  • Start creating Job Order Template and define Pay Formula for each Pay Type
  • Fill in Pay Rate for each staff
  • Try some payroll to verify your setting