Appoint as Successor

23-Jun-2022 · Wing Au Yeung

What is  "Appoint as Successor"?

"Appoint as Successor" means you appoint a staff to succeed another staff Supervisor role, i.e migrating all of the Subordinates from one Placement to another Placement with the same sequence number.

Why use "Appoint as Successor"?

When the staff, who is the Supervisor of other staff, is terminated/resigned or has a promotion, and you know who would succeed his/her Supervisor role, you can use the function "Appoint as successor". For using this function, all of the Supervisor roles of the promoted/terminated staff would be replaced by the staff you selected.

What do you need to prepare?

  • Successor Placement
    • From existing Placement or newly employed staff

How to use "Appoint as Successor" function?

Locate the Successor Placement

  • Go to Staff->Placement-> Open the Successor placement profile
  • Go to More->Appoint as Successor
  • Input the predecessor(promoted/terminated staff)
  • Define if the Successor would be added to the existing appraisal batch as the Appraiser
🎊 All the Subordinates under the predecessor would all go to the Successor with the same sequence number 🎊