Pay Entry

01-Aug-2022 · Felix Fung

What is Pay Entry?

Pay Entry is a record representing a known in advance payment to the staff. Usually, the amount is complicated that cannot be calculated by payroll formula (e.g. Commission). When you can always modify the pay amount directly in payroll, recording them as Pay Entry has the benefit that it will always be there even after recalculation.

For pay amounts that can be calculated (e.g. leave payment, late deduction), we would suggest going back to the standard formula.

What can be defined in Pay Entry?

Field Description
PlacementStaff whose pay amount to be recorded, you can use Placement Number or Staff Name to search the staff
Pay TypePay Type of which the amount is being paid
Pay DateDate of the amount to be paid. Pay Entry with Pay Date within the pay period of the Payroll Batch will be processed.
Pay Unit Rate, Pay Number of Unit, Pay AmountThe Pay Amount of this record. No auto-calculation here. Please input the correct amount for each item.
RemarksAny notes for your reference

What's Next?

  • Configure payroll formula in Job Order Template so the system knows which pay type has to process pay entries.
  • Record some Pay Entries and see them loaded in Payroll