Create new organization in the system

14-Sep-2022 · Wing Au Yeung

Why create a new organization in the system?

Your company may expand and there is a new organization added to your company. So you need to create a new organization in the system.

Steps to create a new organization

1. Create a new organization

  • Go to Mater Data->Organization->Add New to create a new organization
    • Fill in organization information 
      • Essential fields: Organization code, Organization name, Sequence number
      • Essential fields if you would handle payroll in the system:
        MPF Participation Number, Tax File Number, Tax Name (taxation forms signer), Tax Designation (the title of signer)
      • Input sequence number as 1 for the parent organization
      • Parent Organization would be marked as TOP
  • Create the new department if the new organization has departments
    • Select the corresponding Parent Organization
    • Input sequence number as 2 or below( the sequence number depends on the level of the department)

2. Create a new Job Order

  • Go to Staff -> Job Order -> Add New
    • Choose the corresponding Employer, Client, Job Order Template, and Currency

What's Next?

  • You can see the new organization showing up when creating new Placement profiles