Change ESS and payslip password for employee

23-Jun-2022 · Cath Fung

When the staff the ESS or payslip password, or you have forgotten the initial password you have set, you can change or reset the password in the back-end.

  1. Go to the Applicant profile->More->Change password/Reset password OR _____2021-02-16_14.10.35.png
  2. Go to the placement profile->More->Reset placement password and select all placements. A notification email with a randomly generated password will be sent to the work email of the placement OR
  3. Reset the password by importing.
    You can go to Applicant->Export the file. You can see the column "Password". You can input the password you want e.g the HKID and import the file to the system.
    **Please remember to delete other unused spreadsheets and also the unused columns if you no need to update other information.