Change ESS and payslip password for employee

14-Oct-2022 · Cath Fung

Why Change ESS and payslip password for employee?

When the staff the ESS or payslip password, or you have forgotten the initial password you have set, you can change or reset the password in the back-end.

How to Change ESS and payslip password for employee?


1. In Applicant profile
  • Go to the Applicant profile -> More -> Change password/Reset password¬†_____2021-02-16_14.10.35.png
2. In Placement profile
  • Go to the Placement profile -> More -> Reset placement password -> Select all placements
  • A notification email with a randomly generated password will be sent to the work email of the placement OR


  • Go to Applicant -> Export the file
  • Delete other excel sheets, only remain the sheet "Applicant"
    • you can delete the unused columns also if you no need to update other information.
  • Find the column "Password"
  • Input the password you want e.g the HKID
  • Import the file to the system