Benefit Entitlement

23-Jun-2022 · Wing Au Yeung

What is Benefit Entitlement?

Benefit Entitlement is the policy of a particular expense type, defining the amount would be entitled to staff, how its balance is accumulated as well as different checking when an expense claim application is submitted.

What can be defined in Benefit Entitlement?

General Setting

Expense Type: define which expense type this entitlement applies to

Benefit Entitlement Code: the shortcode of the Benefit Entitlement

Benefit Entitlement Name: the full name of the Benefit Entitlement

Currency: define the Currency of the amount entitled

Description: Details of the Benefit Entitlement 

Common Leave Year: define start date of the Benefit Entitlement period and how Benefit Entitlement balance is entitled

  • Anniversary Year: Benefit Entitlement period begins according to the join date of the staff
  • Calendar Year: Benefit Entitlement period begins according to the specified start date
    • Calendar Year Start Date: define the start date of the Benefit Entitlement if you choose Calendar Year as the common year

Is benefit entitlement Granted in Advance: define whether the benefit amount is entitled at the beginning of the leave period, or entitled after completion of the leave period.

Round up to integer in first year: define whether the benefit amount entitled in the first period will be rounded up to an integer.

  • Round up formula: optional round-up formula if "Round Up to Integer" is chosen

No entitlement in first 3 months: define whether the actual balance of benefit amount is not granted in the first 3 months of each Benefit Entitlement period.

  • If enabled, no entitled days will be granted in the first 3 months of the common leave year, so the current benefit balance may appear as zero(if there is no B/F balance). But after 3 months, the accumulated leave entitlement days will be added back to the leave balance.

Must maintain non-negative balance: define which balance to check when staff submit expense claims application

  • Nope: no checking
  • Yes, against normal balance: check against normal balance (i.e. balance as of the end of the entitlement period)
  • Yes, against actual balance: check against actual balance (i.e. balance as of date of expense claims)

Limit application in Current period: define whether only expense claims application in current leave period is allowed. e.g. when enabled, staff cannot submit expense claim applications in next period.

Remarks: add your own comments.

Search Tags: additional remarks for searching. 


Period Number: a sequence number for calculation of the service year. Must be continuous and start at "1".

Period Length, Period Unit: define the length of this leave period, in year or month.

Amount Entitled: define how much to entitle

Max Amount to Brought Forward: define the maximum amount is allowed to carry forward to the next period.

What's Next?

  • Review your company policy and define appropriate Benefit Entitlements.
  • Assign Benefit Entitlement in Placement profile
  • Check Benefit Balance to make sure the setting is correct