Cost Centre

02-Aug-2022 · Wing Au Yeung

What is Cost Centre?

Cost Centre is defined as a function or department within a company which is not directly going to generate revenues and profits for the company but is still incurring expenses to the company for its operations. You can set up the cost centre your company has in Backstage. Then assign the Cost Centre with the percentage by going to

  • Staff Placement Profile(constant setting within a period)
  • Staff Individual Payroll(one-off setting, i.e need to be set every time)

Please go to Payroll -> Cost Centre to create the Cost Centre need.

What can be defined in Cost Centre?

Field Description
Cost Centre CodeShort code of the Cost Centre
Cost Centre NameFull name of the Cost Centre
RemarkAny notes for your reference

What's Next?

  • Assign the Cost Centre to staff
  • If the payroll has been created, please click "Update All Cost Allocations" to apply the updates