16-Dec-2022 · Wing Au Yeung

Backstage Activity module enables you to record any generic job-related record that serves different possible purposes as long as it fits your purpose, e.g Work From Home, On-Site Support, Training, or Vaccination record. The records would not affect attendance and it is the record different from leave but the records can be shown on the Timesheet The key records in this module are:

Activity Type Define the nature of the Activity
Activity The records for Activity applied by staff

How does Activity Module work?

Setting up Activity Types

The first step of setting up Activity Module is to set up the Activity Type. You need to set up the Activity Type in Backstage.

Recording Activity

Activity represents the activity taken by staff for a given date. You can record the Activity and check the record on screen here.

Managing Activity Application

If Activity Application is enabled in ESS Portal, staff will be able to submit activity applications and have their approvers review them. Learn how to set up the approver sequence as well as what you can do when managing Activity Application.

Activity records in Attendance Module

Activity records can be shown in Timesheet. Try to check the record in Timesheet

Checking the Activity Records

Reports are available to check the Activity record systematically.