Import Leave Entries

21-Oct-2022 · Felix Fung

Why import Leave Entries?

You have quite a lot of leave entries to be added to Backstage, e.g. for initial leave balance setup, or a company holiday for everyone, as such you can "Import" Leave Entries in batch instead of creating the Leave Entry one by one.

What you need

  • Template file
    • Go to Attendance -> Leave Entry -> Export the file
  • Check Leave Type Setting
    • Go to Attendance -> Leave Type
    • Check and Confirm if the  "Leave Unit" is "Day" or "Hour"
    • Update "Minimum days to applied" if needed, e.g set as "0.125" if staff allow take leave by hour with Leave Unit = Day
    • Update "Decimal Places" if needed, e.g Set as "3" if you allow staff take leave by hour Leave Unit = with Day

How to import Leave Entries?

1. Export the Template File

  • Go to Attendance -> Leave Entry -> Export
    • By default, all existing Leave Entries would be exported. You can filter and limit the export result by using the searching functions or limiting the time of the leave

2. Prepare the records in Excel format as the Template file

  • Input the required information with the exact format of the existing data
PlacementNumber Placement Number of staff involved in this entrye
LeaveTypeCode The Leave Type Code of Leave staff taken
LeaveFrom, LeaveTo Start Date and End Date of the leave
AMPM Defining the leave time. For taking half days leave, input AM/PM but no need to input the exact time
  • W: whole day leave, for leave duration equal to or more than 1 days(must be integer)
  • AM: leave taken in the first half of the day
  • PM: leave taken in the second half of the day
StartTime, EndTime For leave taken within a day only Start time and End time of the leave, specify the leave time within a day but is not a half day leave.
LeaveDays Optional Number of days/hours taken, which depends on the leave unit
  • The system will calculate leave days according to the information input. Used only when you are importing beginning data when shift info is incomplete
Remark Any notes about the leave

Example for import format:

For Leave Unit = Day, Working hours = 8 hours

  • 1-hour leave , you can input LeaveDays as 0.125 ( 1 day/8 hours = 0.125 days)
  • 2-hours leave, you can input LeaveDays as 0.25
  • 0.5 (half day), you can just input AM/PM and let StartTime and EndTime be blank.
  • 1.0 (whole day), you can just input W and let StartTime and EndTime be blank. 
  • For multiple days(e.g. 4 days), you can input "4" as LeaveDays and input "W"

3. Import the Leave Entries

  • Go to Attendance -> Leave Entry -> Import
  • Select the file -> Proceed
  • System will tell you the importing result and you can fix the data if needed
    • Error message would be shown if the format is wrong or the system find overlapping Leave Entries

What's Next?