【Singapore】Prepare IR8A for submission

15-Feb-2023 · Felix Fung
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What do we need?

Let's make sure the following are done before we move onto IR8A reporting:

  • Tax information of employer is updated (Master Data --> Organization)
  • Employees' personal information is updated (Staff --> Applicant)
  • Payrolls from last January to December are done and posted (Payroll --> Payroll Batch)
  • Pay types are correctly configured on whether it is taxable with proper tax category (Master Data --> Job Order Template)
    ➡️ Details setting can take a look at Get Ready for using Taxation

Steps to preparing IR8A for submission

1. Preparing IR8A Batch

  • Go to Taxation --> IR8A
  • Click "Add New"
    • Specify the company and tax period
    • Confirm. You now have a blank IR8A batch
  • Click "Add Placement"
    • Pick who you are reporting tax. Just like payroll.
    • Confirm. The staff are being added to the IR8A batch.

2. Reviewing IR8A

  • Check and make changes to individual tax forms

3. Submitting IR8A

  • After preparing and checking the tax batch, select More / Submit via API
  • System will do a preliminary validation. If the record is accepted, then there will be a button to proceed. Otherwise there will be error message telling you the problem
  • Once submitted, you will be directed to the Corppass site and you are required to login with the corresponding account
  • Once login you will be directed back to Backstage and Backstage will submit the tax records. The result message from IRAS will be displayed