23-Jun-2022 · Felix Fung
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What is Organization?

Organization is the general term we used in Backstage to build your company hierarchy.

  • Company is an independent organization with no parent (i.e. a top-level organization).
  • Department or other sub-organization is then assigned to the top-level organization.

You can construct unlimited levels of organizations to fit your case of division, business unit, team, etc. 

What can be defined in Organization?

Parent Organization Only for Department or below level Define the supervise Organizaion/Department of this "organization"
Organization Code A short code to represent organization
Organization Name Full name of the organization. For top level company, this will also be the legal name of the company
Sequence Number Define the order/level of the Organization/Department. 1 for Parent Orgainzation and would be marked as TOP
Tel, Fax, Website, Address General Info of this organization, which would be shown in the tax form and MPF report
Business Registration Number BR number of the organization
MPF Trustee, MPF Plan Number MPF related info of the organization
Tax File Number, Tax Name, Tax Designation Tax info of the organization

What's Next?

  • Define your Company structure. Start with top-level companies, then other departments or sub-organizations.
  • Create Job Order for employer companies
  • Create movement records for staff if needed