26-Oct-2023 · Wing Au Yeung
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Backstage Appraisal module enables you to prepare appraisals for staff, and also make use of these results in Appraisal module.

In Backstage, Appraisal has 3 sections:

  • Objective
    • Goals/Plans of the year, which can be created, rated and commented by both Appraisee and Appraiser 
  • Competency
    • Personal skills and abilities, which can be rated and commented by both Appraisee and Appraiser 
  • General Questions
    •  Employee's comment for the company, which can be commented by both Appraisee and Appraiser 

Before setting up what sections contain in the Appraisal, you need to set up the competency first. Details user guide can take a look at the following page: Appraisal user guide

The key records in this module are:

graph LR C[Competency] --> CS[Competency Set] CS --> STC[Section Template -
Compentencies] STO[Section Template -
Objectives, General
Questions] --> AFT[Appraisal Form
Template] AFT --> CSP[Competency Set
and Appraiser
in Placement] STC --> AFT CSP --> AB[Appraisal Batch]
Field Description
CompetencySet up the skills, knowledge, abilities, behaviors, and other characteristics needed to perform in the job and fulfill one’s job responsibilities.
Competency SetDefine the competencies that a group of staff(by job nature or grading) need to be assessed
Section TemplateSetup the possible sections of the appraisal
Appraisal Form TemplateDefine the sections in the appraisal for a group of the staff
Appraisal BatchRepresent an appraisal that can be logically grouped together(by company or by job nature)

How does Appraisal Module work?

1. Setting up Competency

  •  Backstage needs to know what are all of the competencies available in your company. Usually, this can be known from your existing appraisals form.

2. Defining Competency Set

  • Different groups of staff(by job nature, grading, or by company) would have different job responsibilities and you need to let Backstage know the competencies that this group of staff needs to review.

3. Setting Up Section Template

  • Backstage needs to know all of the available sections in the appraisal before building up the appraisal form.

4. Building up Appraisal Form Template

  • After setting up the section template, you can bulid up the appraisal form with different sections. For each section, you also need to define when it needs to be reviewed by staff, Rating Scale and the questions would be asked. 

5. Updating Competency Set and Apprsiaer in staff Placement profile

  • Before generating the appraisal form, you need to let Backstage know the Competency Set the staff needs to review and the Appraiser of the staff. Please go to Relationship and Appraisal part of the Placement profile to update the information needed.

6. Generate Appraisal Batch

  • Once the above configurations are done, you can generate Appraisal Batches and add Staff to the batch. Backstage will follow the Competency Set and Appraiser you defined to create the form. You can then further modify the Appraiser or the result if needed.

7. Analysis Appraisal Result

  • You are likely to make use of the Appraisal Batch result for further actions, e.g. review the staff salary. You can go to Analytic -> Appraisal to get the analytic report. Once these are done, you can "Post" the appraisal batch to lock the result.

Different Stages for the section in an Appraisal

  • There were 4 stages within an appraisal, you can define how many stages for each section
    1. First stage
    2. Mid-year Optional
    3. Year-end
    4. Sign off Optional
  • Stages were designed for a "progress following up" purpose, so both Appraisee and Appraiser can keep track and review before signing off the appraisal year.
  • You can manage when should Appraisees and Appraiser update the appraisal at each stage, there is no time frame set up in an appraisal.
    • For example, if you define First stage and Year-end for the Objective section, both Appraisee and Appraiser will be required to submit 2 times("First stage" &"Year-end") within an appraisal.