Wing Lung Bank CSV

12-Aug-2022 · Felix Fung
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Why configure a bank account for Wing Lung Bank CSV format?

Your company has a bank account at Wing Lung Bank. You would like to submit autopay instruction in Wing Lung Bank CSV format after preparing payroll in Backstage.

How to configure a bank account for Wing Lung Bank csv format?

  • Go to Master Data -> Bank Account

  • Creat / Open the record you are working with

    • Bank Account Number: Fill in Company Bank Account Number WITHOUT Bank Code

    • Autopay File Template: Select "WingLungCsvAutopay"

How to insert Summary and Remark when generating Wing Lung CSV format?

When generating the autopay file in the Payroll Batch -> More -> Generate Autopay file, you can specify these reference values:

  • Put your own Reference: which will show up as "Summary" in the file. Only "SALARY", "BONUS", "COMM", "OT", and "OTHERS" is accepted. If no value is provided, "SALARY" will be used

  • Second Reference : which will show up as "Remark" in the file