Leave Adjustment

07-Jul-2022 · Felix Fung
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What is Leave Adjustment?

Leave Adjustment is a record representing a direct modification to leave balance. Leave Adjustment is created

  • To Grant extra leave or Deduct leave days to staff for any reason
  • To Configure the initial leave balance to the correct value
  • To Adjust Leave balance due to manmade mistakes.

For creating Leave Adjustment records to Backstage, there are 3 ways to do it:

  • Manually - Click Add New to create the record one by one
  • Importing - Export the template file here and import the file to create the records in batch
  • From Approved "Request Entitlement" Leave Application - The record would be created automatically once the "Request Entitlement" Leave Application is approved
    • Enable "Request Entitlement" by going Attendance -> Leave Type

What can be defined in Leave Adjustment?

Placement Staff involved in this Adjustment, you can use Placement Number or Staff Name to search the staff
Leave Type The Type of Leave need to be adjusted
Effective Date Date of the adjustment becomes effective
Days Adjusted the number of days / hours to be adjusted. This can be either positive or negative(with "-") representing the changes you want to make
Pay Date Optional Date of the adjustment to be paid as needed, which is used for retrieval of leave adjustment in payroll
Remark Any notes for about the leave

What's Next?

  • Check the staff leave balance and see if it is correct
  • Check if the Leave Adjustment record can be linked with payroll correctly if the formula is set