Leave Module overview

23-Jun-2022 · Felix Fung
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Backstage Leave module enables you to record leave taken by staffs, maintain leave balance of selected leave types, leave adjustment record for staff, and also make use of these results in Payroll modules. The key records in this module are:

Leave Type Define the nature of the leave
Leave Entitlement Define the leave policy of the leave type, for leave which you want to maintain a leave balance
Leave Entry The records for leave taken by staff
Leave Adjustment The records used for directly adjusting the staff leave balance
Leave Application The records representing the leave request submitted by staff
Ending Leave Balance The records for last leave period ending balance

How does Leave Module work?

Defining the Working Schedule

Backstage has to know the working hours of staff before creating a leave entry/leave application for staff. Check out the Attendance Module user manual for more details on this.

Setting up Leave Types and Leave Entitlement

The first step of setting up Leave Module is to provide your company leave policy. You need to set up the Leave Type and Leave Entitlement(if any) in Backstage.

Assigning the Leave Entitlement to Staff

After configuring Leave Type and Leave Entitlement, you need to assign the Leave Entitlement to staff Placement profile so that Backstage can calculate the staff leave balance.

Adjusting the beginning Leave Balance

After you assign the Leave Entitlement to staff, you will see some preliminary leave balance figures. This is because Backstage is yet to know the previous leave records of staff. In most cases, you do not need to provide a complete leave history, but instead, a beginning leave balance. Ending Leave Balance would be useful as you can input the last period ending leave balance directly.

Recording Leave and make adjustment

Leave Entry and Leave Adjustment are the two records for modifying the leave balance. Leave Entry represents the leave taken by staff for a given date, while Leave Adjustment represents a direct change of leave balance at a particular moment.

Learn how to read the Leave Balance

The whole works on Leave module lead you to Leave Balance which is easily accessible. Learn how to read Leave Balance in Backstage.

Managing Leave Application

If Leave Application is enabled in ESS Portal, staff will be able to submit leave applications and have their approvers review them. Learn how to set up the approver sequence as well as what you can do when managing Leave Application.

Leave records in Payroll Module

Sometimes the leave records and leave balance are required in payroll calculation. Learn the core payroll variables that you can use in your payroll module.