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24-Jun-2023 · Felix Fung
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What is Leave Type?

Leave Type differentiates the nature of leave taken by staff. Leave Type varies in how the leave days are calculated, how payroll is related, and how these leave are displayed to staff.

What can be defined in Leave Type?

1. General

Leave Type Code Short code to represent a Leave Type
Leave Type Name Full name of the Leave Type
Grouping Code Define the displayed name of the Leave Type shown in ESS Group Calendar if you do not want the "Actual" Leave Type Name show in ESS Group Calendar for privacy reason.Leave Type with same nickname will be grouped together
Color Code Color of this leave type as displayed in ESS Group Calendar
Description Details or Rule of the Leave Type which is visible in ESS Leave Application page
Description (Red box: Test in the picture)
Leave Unit Define the Leave Type is counted by day or hour
Decimal Places Define the number of decimal places of the Leave Type
  • e.g, If Leave Unit is Day but the leave can be taken by hour, you will need a decimal places = 3 to cater 0.125 days of leave. Otherwise, the system would count as 0.13 days
Is Balance Maintained Define whether this leave type has leave balance to be maintained, i.e staff would entitle specified days of leave within a period defined.

Enabled: Leave Balance can be accumulated and carried forwarded to the next period. Detailed balances of this leave type will be shown in the Placement profile, e.g. Annual Leave, you can know how many leave days were brought forward and entitled to this year
Disabled: Staff can take the leave without any balance limitation, e.g No Pay Leave

Is counted as times Define the leave type is counted by times instead of days or hours if "Is Balance Maintained" is enabled 
  • e.g Staff can take 6 times of a specific leave type annually
Is Rest Day counted as taken Define whether leave days is counted when the leave period cover rest day
Is Holiday counted as taken Define whether leave days is counted when the leave period cover a holiday
Is visible in ESS? Define whether the Leave Type can be shown in ESS
Is Visible in Application Define whether this leave type is available for leave application in ESS. If you want to limit some leave to be entered by Admin and thus disabling this option.
Show Leave Balance in ESS Define whether leave balance of this leave type is visible in ESS, even its balance is maintained.
Is Hidden in ESS Calendar Define whether this leave type is visible in ESS Group Calendar. You may want to hide some leave types in ESS Group Calendar for privacy reason
No Approval Required? Define whether approval is needed when staff apply this Leave
Is Request Entitlement Allowed Define whether "Request Entitlement" is allowed in Leave Application.
  • e.g Compensation Leave (CL) usually need to request for entitlement before staff take leave
  • Minimum Days for Leave Application Define the minimum days (or hours) of leave to be submitted. Put 0 when there is no such limitation
    Maximum days for Leave Application Define the maximum numbers of days the staff can apply for each Leave Application
    Minimum Days (in fraction) to applied Define whether the leave applied must be in multiple of certain number.
  • e.g When putting 0.5 here, a selection box of 0.5 days would be shown in ESS Leave Application and leave application need to be submitted in a multiple of 0.5 days. Put 0 if you allow input the start and end time manually for free
  • Minimum Days to apply in advance Define the minimum number of days that the application must be submitted before the Leave Date. Put 0 when there is no such limitation. Only working days would be counted.
    Attachment/Remark option? Define whether remark or attachment is required when submitting leave application of this leave type
  • None: Both Attachment and Remark are not needed.
  • Attachment Only: Only Attachment is needed.
  • Remark Only: Only Remark is needed.
  • Attachment Or Remark: Either Attachment or Remark is needed, i.e staff can submit the application with Attachment or Remark.
  • Attachment And Remark: Both Attachment and Remark are needed
  • Can attachment be submitted later Define if the Attachment can be uploaded after the staff submit the leave application

    Enabled: When you require the staff to submit Attachment for applying this leave type, leave application can be submitted without attachment. System will then highlight such application and remind staff to add back the attachment

    Remarks Any notes for your reference which is visible in ESS Leave Application page
    Remark (Blue box 12333 in the picture)

    2. Organizations

    Organization Define the Organization that would use this Leave Type

    What's Next?

    • Define Leave Entitlement for Leave Types that balance is maintained
    • Start recording leave by creating Leave Entry
    • Define Pay Type or Payroll Formula relating to the created Leave Types