23-Jun-2022 · Wing Au Yeung
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What is Roster?

In Roster, you can define the working schedules with the location of the staff. Then the system could generate the Timesheet, and calculate the duration of the leave application and leave entry according to the working schedule in the Roster.

What can be defined in Roster?

Please assign the shift to staff after the Roster is created. There would be a Weekly or Monthly calendar shown after the Roster is created.

Roster Code Shortcode to represent a Roster
Roster Name Full name of the roster
Roster Type Define the type of the roster. Once the roster is created, it cannot be changed
  • Daily - you will be assigned shifts on daily basis. Good for the irregular roster (e.g. Shop)
  • Weekly - the scheduled shifts will repeat themselves week by week. Good for the regular roster (e.g. Office)
Default Timesheet Period Start Day Define the start date of the Timesheet each month
  • e.g if you input 21, then the timesheet period would be started from 21st this month to 20th next month
  • Is attendance recorded? Define whether the attendance data would be shown in the timesheet.
    Enabled: employee actual in/out time will be recorded in the timesheet
    Disabled: no timesheet will be shown in ESS(Employee Self-Services) and no attendance could be recorded
    Is limited to defined shift? Define whether Roster Manager can create a new shift directly in ESS Team Roster.
    Enabled: No new shifts could be created when Roster Manager managing roster in ESS, only existing shifts in Backstage can be used
    Is timesheet filled by staff? Defines whether staff can input their working time in the timesheet in ESS
    Enabled: employees can fill in their in/out time in the timesheet in ESS
    Is approval required Define whether the timesheet needs approval in ESS
    Enabled: Timesheet will remain ''pending'' until it is approved by approver
    Can approver update timesheet Define whether approver can update the time and remark on the timesheet if approval is needed
    Enable ESS Punching? Define whether the staff are allowed to punch in ESS to record their working time. Details you can take a look at this page: Activate ESS Punch in/out function
    Enable Location check? Define whether the system would check IP address of the device if ESS punching is allowed
    Enabled: Staff can only punch under the IP address inputted. Please go to Master Data --> Location -->MAC Addresses and input the IP address. Both external IP and internal IP can be used
    Enable Geolocation check? Define whether the system would record the latitude and longitude of the location when the staff punch through ESS
    Enabled: A pop-up screen ask for permission of recording location would be appeared before the staff 1st punch. Please tell the staff choose Allow

    The feature works only on the site providing a secure connection (https).
    Publish changes to timesheet? Define whether any changes in the Roster, e.g shift time, would be updated the created timesheet simultaneously
    Holiday Group Define the holiday schedule of the roster, e.g Statutory, Bank Holiday or Holiday of other regions
    Default Shift Define the time to be used if no shift is assigned in the day for the leave time of leave entry and leave application. Leave Application and Leave Entry can not be processed if no shift is defined that day
    Set As Template For Daily Roster only. Define if this Roster is the template for the roster created by importing
    Enabled: The settings of the Roster created by importing would be the same as this Roster
    Remark Any notes for your reference
    Enable Blocking Define whether block the Roster Manager update the shift within the defined period. Please let us know if you need this function

    What's Next?

    • Assign the Roster to Placement
    • Check the Timesheet schedule
    • Create Leave Entry and Leave Application