Payment Method

29-Jul-2022 · Felix Fung
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What is Payment Method?

Payment Method defines how your company pays salary to your staff. By default, the system would have 3 payment methods: Autopay, Cash, and Cheque.

Please go to Payroll -> Payment Method to add the payment you need.

The Payment Method of each staff can be specified in the staff Placement profile and this would be the default payment method of staff when generating the payroll. You can also change the payment method as one-off setting after generating the payroll in the staff Payroll directly.

You can then generate the Autopay file or payroll report according to Payment Method.

What can be defined in Payment Method?

Field Description
Payment Method CodeShort code to represent a Payment Method.
Payment Method NameFull name of the Payment Method 
Is Bank Information RequiredSpecify whether Placement paid with this Payment Method requires bank information to be entered in his/her Applicant profile.
RemarkAny notes for your reference

What's Next?

  • Define your own set of Payment Methods.
  • Assign Payment Method to your staff Placement profile