Competency Set

26-Oct-2022 · Wing Au Yeung
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What is Competency Set?

Competency Set categorizes the competencies into a group by the staff Job Nature or Grading or any grouping according to your company needs. Staff would do the assessment base on the Competency Set in the Competency section of the appraisal.

What can be defined in Competency Set?

  • You need to enable the Competencies would be assessed and set the weighting of each enabled Competency.
Field Description
CodeShort code of the Competency Set
NameFull name of the Competency Set
DescriptionDetails of the Competency Set
RemarkAny notes for your reference

What's Next?

  • Assign the Competency Set to staff in the staff Placement profile.
  • Create the Section Template to set up the rating scale