Check Attendance and Roster Schedule

30-Aug-2022 · Wing Au Yeung
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How to Import Roster Schedule?

For staff who are working with flexible schedules, you / Roster Manager need to arrange the schedule to staff. Details you can take a look at the following page Import Daily Schedule

How to Check Attendance in Backstage?

The Attendance Data can be imported by Admin Portal user, directly from your Attendance System or from Backstage Punching function. If you find any Attendance records are missing, please go to Attendance -> Attendance Raw Data to check if the data is already in Backstage, or take a look Attendance Records not show on Timesheet

  • Individually - Timesheet On Screen
  • In Batch - Report

► Individually

  • Go to Attendance -> Timesheet
  • Click on the Timesheet you can check the staff Attendance Records
    • Go to More -> Print All Timesheet in period/ for this department you can generate the Timesheet in PDF or Excel
  • Go to Analytic -> Attendance -> Timesheet you can generate the Timesheet with the group of staff you want

► In Batch

  • Go to Analytic -> Attendance -> Attendance Details Report / Attendance Summary Report
    • you can generate the Report with the group of staff you want
    • Here have different attendance analytic reports, please generate the report if needed