Set up and assign Cost Centre

21-Oct-2022 · Cath Fung
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Why set up Cost Centre?

Your company may want to record and trace the expenses to the company for its operations.

How to Set up Cost Centre?

1. Create Cost Centre

  • Go to Payroll -> Cost Centre -> Add New.
  • Input the Cost Centre Code and Name -> Save

2. Assign cost centre

2.1 Assign in Placement (constant setting)

  • Manually - One by One
    • Go to Staff -> Placement and select specific Placement
    • Go to Cost Centre section -> Add the cost allocation to this placement
      • Cost Centre: Define the Cost Centre of the staff involved
      • Percentage (%): Define the Percentage of the pay amount that allocate to this Cost Centre
      • Effective Date: Date of the Cost Allocation becomes effective
  • Importing - In Batch
    • Go to Staff -> Placement -> Export the file as the template
    • Find the sheet "CostCentre" and delete other unused excel sheets
    • Input the corresponding field -> Save
      • TIPS:
        1. Assign the cost centre to one/two staff manually as the template before exporting the file
        2. Please delete the existing cost centre if any to save the import time and avoid any errors occur
    • Import the file to the system

2.2 Assign in Payroll Batch (One-off setting)

  •  After adding the placement to the Payroll Batch, click on the Placement.
  •  Find the pay items -> Click the at the end of the row -> Select "Allocate Cost"
  • Input the amount allocated to the Cost Centre for each pay item, i.e each pay item can have different allocation percentage

How to check each Cost Allocation Amount in Backstage?

For the details of the amount, you can check it by going to

  • Go to the Payroll Batch -> More -> Print Payroll Details by Cost Centre, OR
  • Go to Analytic -> Payroll -> Payroll Details by Cost Centre/Payroll Summary by Cost Centre